Welcome to Peterborough Historic Environment Record

Welcome to Peterborough Historic Environment Record (HER), formerly known as Sites and Monuments Record (SMR), which contains all available information on known scheduled and unscheduled archaeological remains within Peterborough Unitary Authority. Peterborough HER digitally maintains three types of record, namely monuments of all periods (from finds’ spots to earthworks), events (investigative fieldwork such as excavations or surveys) and sources/archives. The database is digitally geo-referenced and mapped in Hawkeye, Peterborough City Council's interactive map website. Further HER resources include physical archives, historic maps, annotated maps, aerial photographs and grey literature, which can be consulted by appointment.

Before you Start

Currently, Peterborough HER excludes most Listed Buildings, Article 4 Buildings, Buildings of Local Interest, and Parks and Gardens, which can be searched in Hawkeye. Currently, the ‘Image and Document’ only includes images and documents associated with Peterborough Cathedral Precincts Project.

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Click on the ‘Search for HER’ to access Peterborough Historic Environment Record Click on the ‘Search Images & Documents’ to access all available image and primary document references. A spatial link to the corresponding record in Hawkeye will be automatically generated for each search